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CCDD Testing

(Clean Construction or Demolition Debris Testing)

As defined by the Illinois EPA:

Clean construction or demolition debris (CCDD) is uncontaminated broken concrete without protruding metal bars, bricks, rock, stone, or reclaimed asphalt pavement generated from construction or demolition activities.

The State of Illinois has implemented a new regulation that controls uncontaminated soil from construction or demolition projects. Before a “clean fill site” (landfill) can accept this waste, they must first obtain certification from a licensed Professional Engineer that the soil is uncontaminated. Environmental Consulting Group can provide this certification for sites located throughout Chicagoland.

As part of our CCDD soil testing services, we will:

  • Visit the site and collect a soil sample
  • Determine the analysis required (based on the site history)
  • Submit the sample to a qualified laboratory
  • Evaluate the laboratory results
  • Complete the necessary forms with a professional engineer certification

After ECG’s work is complete, the contractor then takes the certification to the clean fill site (landfill) to obtain approval for disposal. Once the contractor has obtained this approval, they can transport their material to the clean fill site.

To speak with an ECG project manager about our CCDD testing services, call us at (312) 663-3900.

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