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Mold Services

For over 14 years, ECG has been investigating and testing facilities for the presence of mold. We have developed dozens of mold removal project design documents, and have also monitored mold remediation work. Recently, ECG has been conducting mold awareness training sessions to educate building engineers, contractors, and building managers about moisture intrusion and the hazards of mold exposure.

ECG’s mold consulting services include:

  • Mold assessments
  • Mold Abatement
  • Airborne and material mold testing
  • Mold removal project design for commercial buildings
  • Daily monitoring of mold removal projects
  • 2-hour mold awareness training sessions
  • Mold sample analysis

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“When flooding at my small business lead to an indoor air quality problem, I was concerned about the cost of hiring an environmental consultant. But their up-front, reasonable pricing really put me at ease. Not only did they successfully address the problem, but they handled the project with a level of service I thought would be reserved only for their big clients.”

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