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Industrial Hygiene Services

ECG provides industrial hygiene services to companies that want to ensure the safety and well-being of their most important asset – their employees. ECG can conduct an industrial hygiene assessment at your facility that will proactively assess the exposure of your workforce and confidentially evaluate your company’s level of compliance with OSHA regulations. ECG’s approach is designed to minimize our client’s liabilities and reduce the likelihood of claims related to work place injury and illness. ECG maintains a staff of industrial hygiene professionals who are knowledgeable in the management, evaluation, and development of:

  • Industrial hygiene surveys for chemical exposure, noise, and radiation
  • Sampling for airborne contaminants
  • Personal exposure monitoring
  • Hazardous process review
  • Hazard communication
  • Other industrial hygiene services

For more information about our industrial hygiene services, contact ECG at 312.663.3900.

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“We contacted ECG to get help with a stubborn indoor air quality problem at our facility. Another environmental company had tried, but failed to identify the source of the problem. During their site visit, they really impressed us with their ability to quickly identify the problem and propose a solution.”

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