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Non-Destructive Remediation for Dry Cleaners

Remediation of soil and groundwater contaminated with dry cleaning solvents can be accomplished with little disruption of a site. This “in-situ” remediation is commonly done and there is no removal of the soil or groundwater. A situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) process is used to reduce the soil concentrations of dry cleaning solvents to acceptable levels.

ISCO is an advanced oxidation technology where remediation is accomplished by injecting or otherwise introducing strong chemical oxidizers directly into the contaminated medium (soil or groundwater) to destroy chemical contaminants in place.

In general, soil testing is performed approximately one month following the injection in order to determine the effectiveness of the application. Pending the analytical results of the soil samples, additional injections of the chemical oxidizers may be required. When confirmation samples contain contaminant concentrations that are acceptable, then injection activities cease.

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